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CFM logoCFM Online Training

The costs for each training package goes to the funding of Evangelists/Church planters called into part/full-time ministry and for the furthering of the mission around the world. 

davidCFM Street Preaching

CFM has evangelists all around the world that have been trained in the CFM style of Evangelism and are impacting souls and planting churches.

church-iconCFM Churches

Our churches are all biblically based grass roots and comprised of street preaching teams, Evangelists, Mentors, and Leaders seeking to fulfill the great commission and see people grounded in the Biblical Christian faith.


CFM Missionaries



I thoroughly enjoy and respect what you do as a preacher. Reaching out to the masses through your preaching and just spreading the love of God is just wonderful to watch, but also very inspiring. I also love how humble and respectful you are to others. It annoys me, however, when they don’t always show you the same respect in kind (some of them get angry quick- and you can feel that contempt in their voices just by watching them); but you still keep calm, cool and humble at all times. That is just….wow. you’re really doing a great and awesome thing. You’re even inspiring me to be more stronger and upstanding in my faith than I was before- and I really appreciate it man. God Bless you and keep doing what you do. I’ll always be here watching and ready to listen and learn. Much respect brother! =)


I am so so very blessed by what God is doing through you.  I truly thank God that you have been obedient to the call that He has on your life…Jared


My name is Dekoven and your ministry is amazing, and you have give me confidence to share the Gospel with anyone I come in contact with.