logo90Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries Code of Conduct

The purpose of these requirements is so that CFM can function in a healthy environment, orderly and biblically to ensure your growth and safety.

  1. That you are a Christian in agreement with the CFM Statement of Faith
  2. That you truly want to and can demonstrate in your attitude a desire to flee from sin, be forgiven and sanctified, know and follow God’s word, and allow him to reign in your daily and communal life.
  3. That you come to the Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries ministries, its websites, Chats, and Social forums with an attitude of reverence for God and his Son Jesus Christ, respect for Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries and its registered members and visitors.
  4. That you complete assignments (If joining in on CFM training courses) and apply the teachings through the Bible studies and messages to your life and are willing to remain accountable.
  5. That you have a desire to grow in your faith, share the gospel, and eventually become a mentor to someone else in the ministry (If taking the CFM training courses).
  6. That you remain committed to your commitments in evangelism or discipleship
  7. That you will help others in the CFM ministry grow in love through your gifts, talents, time, and contributions.
  8. That you assist in seeing CFM grow by inviting others, partaking on the Bible Studies, be apart of the mission and vision of CFM to get out on the streets and share the gospel or support those who can  and use your gifts to the furtherance of God’s kingdom
  9. That will are a real person and are willing to post a real picture of yourself on the social media page to prove it.