Who is David Lynn?

David J Lynn is a Planting, Pastoral, and Evangelistic figure who has been used to ignite the fire of Evangelism amongst believers and plant Churches and Para-Church Ministries throughout the world.  He was born and raised in Toronto, ON, in Feb 1980 and is a 6th generation Canadian of both Irish and Jamaican lineage.

David came from a non-denominational Evangelical background and has been in Planting ministries and Pastoral Ministry for 19 years.  He studied theology and pastoral care at both the University of Toronto and Tyndale University and Seminary, has obtained a Master’s Degree in Theology, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Religious Studies.  He also serves as a Chaplain within one of Toronto’s major Hospital’s.

David is the founder of Christian Positive Space, Stop Bullying Christians Now!, the Dundas Square Church, Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries, and author of Avoiding and Escaping Relational Ruin, Christ’s Forgiveness Bible Studies Series.

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Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries

Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries (CFM) is a Non-denominational Christian Ministry founded by David Lynn who is a planting, pastoral and evangelistic figure within Toronto, Canada.

Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries’ (CFM) mission is to impact the world through radical evangelism, church planting, and discipleship and also hopes to provide training, one on one mentoring, covering and support for Churches and aspiring Evangelists and Pastor’s who feel the calling to Radical Evangelistic and Pastoral Ministry.

CFM is embarking on a mission to set up Gospel Booths and Evangelists on every major street corner and plant CFM trained churches throughout the globe to both unite churches and that Christ will truly be present in our nation.

We provide group and online Evangelism training and support to established churches and oversight to new Pastors and evangelists seeking to impact this nation for Jesus.  We are a registered Not-For-Profit Charity in Canada and have a global presence through youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/user/christsforgiveness


Online Training

The costs for each training package goes to the funding of Evangelists/Church planters called into part/full-time ministry and furthering the mission around the world.

CFM training packages:

1. Christ’s Forgiveness: Become an accredited and certified evangelist with CFM (Phase 1-14 weeks=50 days)-$120.00
In this program, you will learn the foundations of the Christian Faith, be able to apply disciplines that will give you a solid walk with Jesus and learn how to share the gospel CFM style. Completion and passing of this program will make you eligible to receive credentials with CFM as a certified Evangelist. This program is the pre-requirements for any other course in our Evangelism training.

1. A Christian that agree’s with our statement of faith.
2. Access to a video camera, computer, and the internet (You will need this to upload video assignments)
3. Agree with our code of conduct
4. Signing in to online classes and completing homework assignments on a weekly basis

2. Christ’s Servants: Become an accredited and certified mentor with CFM (Phase 2-28 weeks 100 days)-$200.00
In this program, you will learn how to mentor other believers, find and lead bible studies, learn how to interpret scripture, and conduct advanced Spiritual warfare. You will also have the opportunity to assist mentoring other CFM Churches in your region.

1. Completion of Phase 1 (A must)
2. Access to a video camera, computer, and the internet (You will need this to upload video assignments)
3. Agree with our code of ethics
4. Signing in to online classes/mentoring times and completing homework assignments on a weekly basis

3. Christ’s Leaders: Become an accredited and certified Pastor with CFM (Phase 3-50 weeks-350 Days)-$250.00
In this program, you will learn all you need to be an effective leader and plant a church and/or start a new ministry that is Christ and Evangelistic focused. We will also help you to make this happen by sending help to assist (subject to manpower and availability).

1. A genuine call to ministry
2. Completion of Phase 1 and 2
3. Character reference from 3 people in positions of authority over you
4. Agree to statement of faith and code of ethics
5. Must sign in for private/group accountability sessions on bi-weekly basis via the online portal
6. Signing in to online classes/mentoring times and completing homework assignments on a weekly basis

Graduation: There will be a graduation once a year in your region. David Lynn and team will conduct a graduation and releasing service for all graduates provided that you meet all the requirements.

NOTE: Those with CFM credentials on any level will be required to remain accountable to CFM oversight and renew their membership on an annual basis in order to maintain credentials with CFM. Renewal fee is $80.00/year.